Story-driven online courses in game format for kids

We feature exciting topics including math, science, logic and socio-emotional skills online with interactive labs and games to keep your kids engaged!

A holistic whole-child approach to learning

EdCraft uses a whole-child approach to combine the academic teaching with the development of cognitive skills and a healthy focus on socio-emotional skills

Equip your kids for a successful future through just 20 minutes of training per day

Six excellent courses to bring joy to learning! Students need as little as 20 minutes to achieve significant learning gains.

Interactive quests and rewards for kids

Students engage in interactive learning quests, earn badges, and meet helpful characters along their learning journey

Daily performance statistics for parents

We keep you informed in your kids traction, daily studies, relative results and activity with interactive dashboards and optional weekly email reports

Carefully crafted by experts in kids education

Courses are developed by subject experts from top US and international universities. Our content creators are doting parents, committed educators, and lovers of learning!

Fully accessible across devices

Edcraft is optimized to sync across your devices. We hold the utmost respect for your family’s privacy and keep your data safe! We use the latest technologies to ensure safety and security on the cloud.

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Pay once, use forever. No additional fees or subscriptions required. Courses will be released early in the 1Q2021. Pre-order today to save up to 70%.
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    40-50 hours of studies.
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    I've never head of EdCraft before. Who are you?
    We're international company that creates exciting cutting-edge educational online-courses for 6-14 year olds. EdCraft has been in business since 2015 and has working platforms and products in Europe, Russia and CIS countries with more than 100,000 active young learners. And now American consumers may be also able try our critically acclaimed EdCraft learning products because we're launching in the United States in February 2021!

    We work only with top-notch experts. Our courses are designed by various experts-holders of PhD and Master's Degrees from the leading US and global universities.
    Are you going to issue regular content updates?
    Sure! Don't worry about running out of things to do. We're planning to release at least one new course every quarter. In fact, we're currently working on 2 additional courses to launch later in 2021.

    Our plan is to have at least 30 innovative and relevant courses for elementary and middle school kids!
    Are there scheduled lessons every week? Is there a cut off after the amount of 150 hours is reached?
    Our courses are designed in an interactive story-driven format (check out our free demos!) so your kids could learn at their own pace. We don't limit the studies with neither timing nor subscriptions. Your kids can cover the full course in 1 week or 1 year, depending on their personal interest, spare time, physical and cognitive capabilities and other factors.

    150 hours is an estimated time based on our average student. It's roughly the time of studying necessary to complete all the units of all of 6 courses listed above.
    Can two of my kids use the product for the same price?
    Unfortunately, the pricing above is per child. Each will have individual profile under your account, with separate progress monitoring, heroes, achievements etc. However, we do have a very special offer! After your initial full price purchase each additional user may enjoy 50% discount for any courses and purchases forever!
    How will my kids access the purchased content?
    On the release date in February 2021 you will receive an email with your password to sign onto the platform. You can create a personal account for up to 5 users with one password. All of your kids can study simultaneously!

    Your kids will have their own ecosystem with achievements, quests, heroes and bonuses along with courses you've picked to pre-order. Login whenever you want, it's available online 24/7, just click (or tap) on the course in your account to start learning in our engaging story-driven game format!

    You (the parent) will also have access to the statistics to check the progress and achievements for each of your kids.
    Can I buy one tariff now and then add extra courses?
    Absolutely! We will launch the platform with a very flexible purchase options. You can buy only one unit of one course and then buy the rest of them for that specific course. Or build your own discounted bundle with 2-6 full courses that you want now and don't have yet.

    Currently we have a great pre-order offer with huge discounts. Prices will go up on the release date!
    What do I do if my child doesn't like your product?
    You don't have to worry that you've made a wrong choice. We offer 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked!
    Content creators
    Our courses were developed by educational experts from leading universities
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