Online financial literacy classes for kids ages 8 to 15

We will help you draw up your first personal and family financial plan, save up for a phone, set-top box or gifts for loved ones.
We will teach finance in a game format
from scratch. Learn the economics basics, how to calculate the budget and invest.

What topics do we cover on our course

Fast development of financial literacy basics
In a couple of months of studying just one hour per week your child will be able plan his or her finances, understand basic banking products and develop a remarkable level of financial literacy.
Unit 1. Fundamentals of Economics and Financial Literacy
As a part of this unit your child will learn the basics of economics: the mechanisms of market relations, need for income, what money is and why it's necessary, the origins of finances and global currencies.
Unit 2. Financial management: personal budget
As a part of this unit, your child will understand the elements of personal budget, obtain core financial skills and habits, learn how to manage expenses and income, set and effectively plan to achieve a financial goal.
Unit 3. Financial management: family budget
As a part of this unit, your child will understand what family budget consist of, what income and expenses are in family format, how large purchases are planned etc.
Unit 4: Banking products and financial instruments
As a part of this unit your child will understand how the bulk of banking products, such as loans and deposits, works, as well as how to use financial instruments such as stocks or bonds and how to avoid getting into debt.
Unit 5. Entrepreneurship and corporate economics basics
As part of the unit, your child will learn how companies operate, what their revenues and costs are, how they set prices for their products, how they generate profits and what market laws are in place. Your child will also try on the role of the company CEO in our story-based game.
Why should you start helping develop financial literacy early?
Contribution to the successful future
Will understand and be able to manage the family budget
Understanding the value of money
Independently save up for a toy, phone, gift for a friend or mom
Counting and savings
Do not fall for the tricks of scammers and frauds
Entrepreneurial thinking development
Able to set and implement financial plan and business objectives
Interactive platform with tasks
Our financial literacy lessons are full of exciting stories with interesting stories, illustrations, and animations.
When you sign up for our EI lessons, you get access to fun, story-based courses on 6 topics, including financial literacy, science, and math
Mini-group lessons twice a week or in-depth individual classes. This way, all soft skills skills are developed more effectively!
Development of all key skills
Effective group lessons format
Games-based learning is the key to success!

Everyone in our classes gets individual attention, but the kids also participate in exciting team challenges!
During the lessons, the children earn internal currency that they can spend however they choose: on EdCraft courses, coloring books, and other fun items
Group dynamics
Prizes and awards
Interactive assignments
During the lessons, children solve gamified exercises on the EdCraft platform with the goal of consolidating the learned material.

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