Group and individual English online courses with discounts of up to 30%

Effectively solve your school tasks, gain the necessary knowledge to pass exams and standardized tests, and improve your chances at gaining admission to college or professional institutions.
Using the gamification format, we teach the language from scratch. We’ll teach the child how to read and write, as well to understand the language by ear and to speak it beautifully.

Experienced and energetic teachers

All teachers, native speakers and Spanish speakers, are required to undergo certification, training, and pass international exams. They know how to captivate children and keep their interest!
Native Speaker
Brittany Orr
UK. 29 years old. More than 8 years of experience teaching the language of children and teenagers.
Native Speaker
Jane Calver
UK. 28 years old. Over 10 years experience in teaching children.
Spanish Speaker
Kate Lopez
USA. 34 years old. Two native languages — English and Spanish. Over 13 years of experience teaching languages.
Hebrew Speaker
Alex Goldmann
Israel. 27 years old. Native speaker of English, Russian and Hebrew. 7 years of experience teaching children languages.
And over 100 tutors more!
Interactive platform with tasks
Our English lessons are full of interactive stories with exciting stories, illustrations, and animations.
When you sign up for our English lessons, you get access to fun, story-based courses on 9 topics, including financial literacy, soft-skills, and math
Mini-group lessons twice a week, individual lessons with a teacher once every 2 weeks. This way, all language skills are developed more effectively!
Development of all key skills
Effective mixed-format lessons
Fun teaching methods are the key to success!
Everyone in our classes gets individual attention, but the kids also participate in exciting team challenges!
During the lessons, the children earn internal currency that they can spend however they choose: on EdCraft courses, coloring books, and other fun items
Group dynamics
Prizes and awards
Exciting assignments
During the lessons, children solve gamified exercises on the EdCraft platform with the goal of consolidating the learned material.
You study from where it is convenient for you, you only need access to the Internet and a gadget with Zoom. Lessons are held on our platform, do not waste time and nerves on the road!
We take into account the level of the child in the introductory lesson and select the right program, group and teacher for you, and also work individually with each.
45 minutes long online
lessons from any place
Individual approach
to education
How learning is structured
You study once or twice a week in a group to study the main topics, practice speaking and work in a team. And then one lesson we work only with you one-on-one to improve the result.
Every week you will receive a report on classes in WhatsApp and on email and see the results of homework. You can also discuss your child's progress with the teacher at any time.
Effective mix-format
of online lessons
Constant feedback
to kids and parents

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